The Bhutan Youth Development Fund (YDF) is one of Bhutan's senior civil society organizations providing support to youth. As Bhutan's leading youth organization, YDF is working to ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to develop their potential.
The BYDF utilizes a cross-sectoral, integrated development approach to project implementation, working with development partners, civil society partners, government stakeholders, community stakeholders, and private sector to create, develop and sustain programmes for beneficiaries and society at large.



"A better today, a brighter tomorrow for the youth of Bhutan".


“The Bhutan Youth Development Fund is working to ensure that all youth have equal access to education, meaningful employment and opportunities to develop their potential.”


To establish a sustainable funding mechanism within Bhutan so that youth development and empowerment activities can be undertaken, now and in the future.
To bridge the gap through need-based youth development programmes with sustainable resource mobilization and strategic partnerships focusing on education, employment, youth participation, child protection and drug rehabilitation services.
To provide grant management services to national and international donors targeting all segments of the youth population in Bhutan but focusing on disadvantaged children and youth, such as those with disabilities, in poverty, out-of-school, or in conflict with the law. 
To launch and maintain sustainable and innovative programs in areas where there are inadequate interventions either by the government or civil society.
To become a focal point for youth and children’s issues as well as influence policy-making.


The Bhutan Youth Development initiated the Golden Youth Award in 2005 to commemorate the 50th Birth anniversary of His Majesty the 4th Druk Gyalpo Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the founder of the Bhutan Youth Development Fund. The first Golden Youth Award camp was formally organized by BYDF in 2008. The Golden Youth Award is one of the flagship programs of the BYDF and the only award for the young outstanding youth in the country. The Golden Youth Award is the program recognized by His Majesty The King and it is one of the most celebrated events by youth.

GYA is a platform created to inspire and motivate the youth to excel holistically, becoming role models for their peers and community. The most outstanding person earns the title of the 'Golden Youth', receiving a scholarship to study in a prestigious college abroad.

Every year, 80 young students selected from among the brightest from 20 dzongkhags gather in Thimphu to participate in the Golden Youth Award Camp.


Year: 2020


Year: 2019

Selwai Melong- the mirror of clarity

Year: 2018

'Celebrating Unity- for excellence'

Year: 2017

Celebrating the 60 th Birth Anniversary of YDF president Gyalyum Tseyring Pem Wangchuck and 10 years of the Golden Youth Award Camp.

Year: 2016

Honoring the birth of "The fearless and victorious Icon of the Wangchuck Dynasty- Gyalsey Jigme Namgyel Wangchuck"

Year: 2015

Felicitating the 'Future of Bhutan'.


Motivate students to be hard working, responsible, and consistent and excel in both academic and co-curricular activities.
Provide equal opportunities for students to access prestigious scholarships.
Identify high achievers and offer mentorship.
To provide platform and opportunity for the nominees from the Dzongkhags to participate in leadership training activities and programs.
To produce SMART (S – Sincere, M – Mindful, A – Astute, R – Resilient, T – Timeless) citizens of Bhutan.