Schedule for 14th & 15th GYA

School Level

Announce GYA and get the students to apply online.
Finalize the GYA nominees from the school and share the list with GYA Dzongkhag Selection Committee.

Dzongkhag Level

Facilitate the selection of final Dzongkhag GYA nominees from the nominees shared by the schools for the 14th & 15th GYA based on the criteria provided by the YDF.
Share the final list of Dzongkhag GYA nominees (14th GYA, 4 nominees & 15th GYA 4 nominees)

National Level

The final selection of GYA Dzongkhag nominees (1 GYA nominee for 14th & 1 nominee for 15th GYA) from respective Dzongkhags will be done by National Golden Youth Award Organizing Committee.
The 40 (20 GYA winners from 14th GYA & 20 GYA winners from 15th GYA) will attend the GYA Camp in Thimphu (August)
The final winners (2 winners and 6 GYA runners-up) will be declared by YDF during the closing program at YDF on 24th August 2022.


20 July 2022

Dzongkhag GYA Organizing Committee to share the final GYA nominees with GYA National Organizing Committee through GYA online portal. (4 GYA nominees for 14th GYA & 4 GYA nominees for 15th GYA)


22 July 2022

Virtual orientation for the GYA nominees


25-28 July 2022

Organize virtual competitions (14th GYA nominees & 15th GYA nominees)


20 August 2022

Arrival of participants in Thimphu


21-23 August 2022

The camp will be organized in Thimphu for 40 GYA nominees (20 GYA nominees for 14th GYA & 20 GYA nominees for 15th GYA

24 August 2022

GYA closing & result announcement